Poems By Jamila T. Davis


I Am An Overcomer! by Jamila T. Davis  


by Jamila T. Davis

They’ve knocked me down, but still I rise.

My eyes fixated upon the prize.

They punished me harshly, and refused to let me go.

I wanted to give up, but my spirit told me no!

Been beaten and battered, but I refuse to give in.

Cause something deep inside tells me I will win!

Some days my bones ache with sorrow and grief, and

depression holds me bound.

Those are the days God carries me, in Him my hope is found.

I’ve made amends with the past, I paid for my mistakes.

It’s just a matter of time before this weary season breaks.

I am not ashamed of where I’ve been,

Nor afraid of where I am going.

I will rise above adversity!



My Daughter by Jamila T.Davis

My Daughter

Written by: Jamila T. Davis


My daughter when I look down from heaven and I notice you, you bring a smile to My face.

I know you think your life is off track, but you’re surely in the right place.

I’ve listened to you intently, when you’ve cried out for My help.

And I realized that you don’t understand the cards that you’ve been dealt.

No it’s not a curse, a mishap, or a scam.

Everything that happened to you was written in My plan.

From the day that you asked Me, I quickly answered your prayers.

But you rejected My solutions, that’s why you shed so many tears.

Yes I know My daughter you desire joy and you want peace.

And I know you just can’t wait for all your obstacles to cease.

But My daughter don’t you know, if there is no pain, there is no gain?

So when I’m molding you for greatness, why do you tend to complain?

Don’t you know how much I love you, My wonderful, precious child?

When I look down from Heaven you make Me so very proud!

When you feel lost inside, it’s Me saying, “I’ll guide you through this day.”

So why don’t you trust and depend on Me, and let Me lead the way?

Why do you think you have all the answers? Do you really know what’s best?

Instead of enduring through obstacles, you try hard to avoid My tests.

The quicker you surrender, the quicker you’ll get through.

And when this storm is over, your life will be brand new!

You can trust Me, My daughter. I have you in the palm of My hand.

What I have for you is better that what you can get from any man!

Let go of all your crutches, and rid yourself of shame and guilt.

You are stronger than you think, for you are the creation that I built!

There is purpose behind your pain, and a reason for every tear you shed.

The more that you cried out to Me, the more your spirit I fed.

In this fiery furnace, I’ll mold you to become your best.

How would you know what you’re made of, without My trials and My tests?

Everything you thought you needed is planted deep inside.

Because within your spirit is the place where I reside.

My daughter, be of good courage. This season too shall pass.

Whatever you need is a prayer away, all you have to do is ask.

Never ever forget I am here for you. You can reach out any time.

I just wanted to let you know I love you, and I’m glad that you are Mine.

So dry your tears My daughter, and hold your head up high.

This is just a little reminder, you’re the apple of My eye!


Permission To Dream by Jamila  T. Davis

Permission To Dream

By Jamila T. Davis

Young lady, pick up your head and dry your teary eyes.

You don’t have to stay stuck in a ditch; it’s time for you to arise!

The past is done, so let it go.

A painful lesson, but now you know.

Everything that happened occurred for a reason.

The pain that you bear will only last for a season.

Never ever think it was all for nothing.

This storm has a rainbow; it will surely count for something!

It wasn’t sent to hurt you or to even beat you down.

It’s heaven’s way of saying, “It’s time to turn your life around.”

Now that you’re here, at this place, you’re finally ready to soar!

Greatness lies just ahead, right behind the prison doors.

You’re standing at the crossroads, divided by your choice;

You can take back what was stolen, by your imagination and

your voice.

Revisit your days of youth, life as that little girl,

Who could become whatever she wanted or dreamed of in this

Take hold of all the dreams you had from way back then.

Embrace them like a treasure; treat them like your closest

It’s time to regroup, so that you can begin again.

Trust me; it won’t be like before, this time you’re sure to win!

Rise up and discard all the shame, regret and guilt.

On high self-esteem, this new house must be built.

You made some mistakes, but yet you’re still a shining star!

Has anyone told you lately, how truly wonderful you are?

You’re a special person. Yes, you’re one of a kind!

God put you on this earth, for sure, to let your bright light shine!

Everything will come together, when you discover your purpose.

There’s so much more to you than what appears upon the

It’s time to dig deep, and do some rearranging down inside.

It’s time to show off your talents; you no longer have to hide.

Yesterday doesn’t determine the state of your fate.

You can rise above adversity; it’s never ever too late!

You can become whatever you desire;

And when you reach that goal, you still can go higher.

You no longer have to be afraid of what others think or what

they say.

Young lady, it’s your time to shine. Today marks a brand new


Give back all the baggage you’ve been given to hold you down.

Dust off your defilement; begin to turn your life around.

Stop regretting all the things you never got to do.

Instead do something about it, and experience something new!

Spread your wings and begin to fly!

Peel away your past, tell yesterday goodbye.

Yes, you can do it! Let your bright light beam!

Today I formally give you back your permission to dream.


I Surrender by Jamila  T. Davis

I Surrender – A Prisoner’s Cry By Jamila T. Davis

There comes a point in our lives when enough becomes enough! When constant troubles arise, and life is way too rough.

Like a bomb that drops, all hell breaks loose, without a person in sight to give us a boost.

All our poor judgments backfire in our face, and those who we trusted become informants in our case.

Everything we try begins to quickly fail, surrounded by these cinder blocks, in our new home we call jail.

On our bunks we stop and think, “How in the world did we land here?” That’s when our problems come to light, causing pain too great to bear.

Some of us started off as that sweet innocent child.

She had two ponytails, big fat cheeks and an irresistible smile.

One day she was lured by someone she thought she could trust,

Who snatched away her youth as his hands fondled her bust.

The shame never left, the reproach settled in.

Next thing she knows she’s caught up in a lifestyle of sin.

Then there’re those of us who started off fine, who lived in a nice

house, whose parents were kind.

Things were great, she’s headed for success! Then she met her

love, that’s when her life turned into a mess.

Blinded by love, she couldn’t see, had no clue this kind of love

would ruin her destiny.

Then there’s one who struggled from the day of her birth,

With daddy in jail and momma on crack, since she entered this

place called “Earth.”

There were many nights the cupboard was bare, she had no

food to eat.

In a quest to survive she sought love, now she rocks designer

shoes on her feet.

Her love had the money rolling in, but as a drug dealer’s girl,

her new problems begin.

When the troubles came many of us tried to escape, looking for

the solutions to bypass the yellow tape.

She started with weed and it put her at ease.

But one day she discovered the weed would no longer please.

Then she tried coke, then crack, then dope.

When that didn’t work she lost her hope.

Whatever it was we were all sold out!

For a moment no struggles, no worries, no doubts.

Then like a whirlwind, the storms began to come:

The things we did we thought were wise, turned out to be so

In the storm we learned so much, no longer blind to life.

We learned that love wasn’t love at all when it stabbed us like a knife.

Where are all our friends who were around when everything was up?

They’re out seeking a free ride; who’ll be next to fill their cup? Things aren’t what they seem to be. What we thought was an escape, became a tragedy.

We found out in the end we only have our self.

Some of us are left beat down and robbed, HIV done stole our health.

Bad choices and poor decisions led us to this very place. And on top of all that misery, now we got this case.

There’s got to be another way. Things can’t stay like this! Left

inside this lonely place, our families greatly missed. Pushed so hard against the walls, depression has us bound. It is not until we get to this place that true help can be found. Are you tired of running in circles?

Are you tired of the hurt and pain?

Are you finally convinced you must surrender because life will never change?

What about the kids you left behind?

Is it fair to them, that they, too, must do this time?

What about the others who hurt because of our pain? Will you change for them or will you stay the same?

It’s time to make a choice; is enough, enough?

Are you ready to release the shackles and take off the handcuffs? Are you ready for a brand new life? Where you can be a mother, a friend and a wife!

Are you ready to achieve your dreams, without having to watch your back? When life can finally be filled with plenty and we no longer suffer lack!

You can have it, it’s your choice! You can sign the agreement with your voice!

I surrender, I surrender, is all you have to say. That’s when help will come your way.

Are you ready to follow me now, down this road called change? I promise, if you surrender today, your life won’t be the same.

Open your mouth and throw up your hands.

With your voice release the shackles and bands.

There’s nothing left but for us to say, “I give up this old life, I surrender today!”


Will You Give Me Another Chance! by Jamila T. Davis

Will You Give Me Another Chance?

Written By: Jamila T. Davis

Dear Sir or Ma’am

To you I may be that numbered file that’s stacked high on your desk That represents the wrong I’ve done, in the midst of all my mess. Yes, I’ve done my share of things that don’t make me very proud, Trying to be a “people-pleaser,” moving with the wrong crowd! And I know you probably view me as a villain or a crook; But I ask you not to judge me by the cover of the book

I do have a name and an identity. I have a story to tell! There’s a reason behind the story why I landed up in jail. And no, I’m not getting ready to give you a lame excuse. But I got to tell you, I’ve been through a lot! I’ve suffered so

much abuse!

All I ever wanted was to be accepted; to be loved.

Instead, this life done beat me down. I’ve been pushed, and I’ve been shoved!

This story I tell, it started from the very day of my birth.

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair, since I came into this Earth!

So many disappointments! So much hurt, and so much shame. That led me down this criminal path I thought would ease my pain. The more I tried to escape, the bigger the hole I dug.

If I could have only found that one who’d stop and show me love! Could you imagine what it’s like from youth to be told that you would fail?

“Little girl, you’ll never be nothing, you gonna end up right in jail!”

And I believed them when they said, “You’re a liar and you’re a cheat!”

And guess what? I became those very words that led to my defeat! Then I stood before you, listening to words I recognized. The way that you described me, am I garbage in your eyes? Hey, I don’t want to be that person you talked about in your speech! I’ve got goals and I have dreams that I need your help to reach! Yeah, I know it’s easy to lock me up, and throw away the key. But what about you stopping and helping me become a better me? Don’t just give me a place to sit, give me the resources I need to

And please don’t place them far away; make sure they’re within my range!

Have you ever messed up? Have you ever made a mistake? Has life been always peaches and cream or like a piece of cake? Was there ever someone special who offered you a hand? And if so, what effects did it have in your becoming a woman

or a man?

All I’m really looking for is a chance to become my greater self! I know I can do it with the right tools and a little of your help. Do you know how very much your encouraging words would mean? They could change my entire life and make a difference that

can be seen!

Please don’t give up on me; I promise I’ll do my best!

Don’t lock me up and throw me away, like they do to all the rest! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I really want to change!

I was wrong! I make no excuse! I accept the blame!

Please view me as you should, as someone whose life you can enhance.

Please oh please, Mr. Sir or Ma’am,

Will you give me another chance?



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