Permission to Dream

Young lady, pick up your head and dry your teary eyes.

You don’t have to stay stuck in a ditch; it’s time for you to arise!

The past is done, so let it go.

A painful lesson, but now you know.

Everything that happened occurred for a reason.

The pain that you bear will only last for a season.

Never ever think it was all for nothing.

This storm has a rainbow; it will surely count for something!

It wasn’t sent to hurt you or to even beat you down.

It’s heaven’s way of saying, “It’s time to turn your life around.”

Now that you’re here, at this place, you’re finally ready to soar!

Greatness lies just ahead, right behind the prison doors.

You’re standing at the crossroads, divided by your choice;

You can take back what was stolen, by your imagination and

your voice.

Revisit your days of youth, life as that little girl,

Who could become whatever she wanted or dreamed of in this

Take hold of all the dreams you had from way back then.

Embrace them like a treasure; treat them like your closest

It’s time to regroup, so that you can begin again.

Trust me; it won’t be like before, this time you’re sure to win!

Rise up and discard all the shame, regret and guilt.

On high self-esteem, this new house must be built.

You made some mistakes, but yet you’re still a shining star!

Has anyone told you lately, how truly wonderful you are?

You’re a special person. Yes, you’re one of a kind!

God put you on this earth, for sure, to let your bright light shine!

Everything will come together, when you discover your purpose.

There’s so much more to you than what appears upon the

It’s time to dig deep, and do some rearranging down inside.

It’s time to show off your talents; you no longer have to hide.

Yesterday doesn’t determine the state of your fate.

You can rise above adversity; it’s never ever too late!

You can become whatever you desire;

And when you reach that goal, you still can go higher.

You no longer have to be afraid of what others think or what

they say.

Young lady, it’s your time to shine. Today marks a brand new


Give back all the baggage you’ve been given to hold you down.

Dust off your defilement; begin to turn your life around.

Stop regretting all the things you never got to do.

Instead do something about it, and experience something new!

Spread your wings and begin to fly!

Peel away your past, tell yesterday goodbye.

Yes, you can do it! Let your bright light beam!

Today I formally give you back your permission to dream.