My Daughter

My daughter when I look down from heaven and I notice you, you bring a smile to My face.

I know you think your life is off track, but you’re surely in the right place.

I’ve listened to you intently, when you’ve cried out for My help.

And I realized that you don’t understand the cards that you’ve been dealt.

No it’s not a curse, a mishap, or a scam.

Everything that happened to you was written in My plan.

From the day that you asked Me, I quickly answered your prayers.

But you rejected My solutions, that’s why you shed so many tears.

Yes I know My daughter you desire joy and you want peace.

And I know you just can’t wait for all your obstacles to cease.

But My daughter don’t you know, if there is no pain, there is no gain?

So when I’m molding you for greatness, why do you tend to complain?

Don’t you know how much I love you, My wonderful, precious child?

When I look down from Heaven you make Me so very proud!

When you feel lost inside, it’s Me saying, “I’ll guide you through this day.”

So why don’t you trust and depend on Me, and let Me lead the way?

Why do you think you have all the answers? Do you really know what’s best?

Instead of enduring through obstacles, you try hard to avoid My tests.

The quicker you surrender, the quicker you’ll get through.

And when this storm is over, your life will be brand new!

You can trust Me, My daughter. I have you in the palm of My hand.

What I have for you is better that what you can get from any man!

Let go of all your crutches, and rid yourself of shame and guilt.

You are stronger than you think, for you are the creation that I built!

There is purpose behind your pain, and a reason for every tear you shed.

The more that you cried out to Me, the more your spirit I fed.

In this fiery furnace, I’ll mold you to become your best.

How would you know what you’re made of, without My trials and My tests?

Everything you thought you needed is planted deep inside.

Because within your spirit is the place where I reside.

My daughter, be of good courage. This season too shall pass.

Whatever you need is a prayer away, all you have to do is ask.

Never ever forget I am here for you. You can reach out any time.

I just wanted to let you know I love you, and I’m glad that you are Mine.

So dry your tears My daughter, and hold your head up high.

This is just a little reminder, you’re the apple of My eye!