My Baby Girl Turns Sweet 16!

Being trapped behind bars for so many years, I’ve missed out on many memorable occasions. Literally from a visiting room, I’ve had to raise both of my children. Watching them grow into fine young adults has made me extremely proud!
Tears flooded through my eyes, watching my clock knowing it was my daughter Diamond’s Sweet Sixteen party. I sat on my bunk bed wondering how she was dressed, and who would help her cut her birthday cake and who would share such a special moment with her. It’s times like these that make me realize how much pain my incarceration has caused not only myself, but also my family.

Despite the tears and the disappointment, God has proven to be faithful! He has blessed me and my family tremendously. We have learned the value of love and loyalty, and even though we are temporarily departed from one another the thought of being reunited soon keeps us going.

I wanted to share with you all a picture of my daughter Diamond at her Sweet 16 party. I got this picture in the mail and it brought me so much joy to see that my baby girl is happy, healthy and beautiful, despite my absence. Hopefully it will brighten your day too.

If you have children that you can reach out and embrace, please hug them and be grateful that God has granted you with that privilege. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so cherish the good times!
Last, please help me wish Diamond many more Happy Birthdays. Prayerfully we will all be reunited soon!