In a dark place that I expected to be a cruel world, I met some really bright lights. To me, a light is a person who God uses to shine His reflection upon others. Going through life circumstances, we often question “why me?” I’ve learned through my journey that some of us have been sent on difficult missions to help others who will have to experience the same path. These are people whom I call lights, because it is there light that leads the way for many others! Behind bars, I’ve met many dynamic women who have helped me on my journey. Each of them have contributed to my life in different ways, but this one individual is a stand out for women in prison. Sentenced to serve a 12 months in Federal prison, she could have put her feet up, relaxed and used her time to rest her brain, but she didn’t! I am proud to introduce you to a woman that used her time of imprisonment to create a powerful book to help other newcomers overcome the fear of imprisonment and teach them how to get through their sentence as quickly as possible. Her name is Lisa Barrett and her new book, which is scheduled for release early next year, is called “How To Navigate Through Federal Prison And Gain An Early Release.” I had the pleasure of collaborating with Lisa on this project, after discovering we had similar experiences and fears of imprisonment. We both hired the same prison consultant to help us prepare for prison. She paid a hefty $5000.00 fee, and I paid $10,000 to retain his service. Although we both come from different walks of life, we were nervous and had no clue what to expect. Like myself, Lisa thought prison was going to be a death sentence, but it was not! Her book will now help to relieve the fears of many by preparing them for imprisonment and educating them how to get out as quickly as possible. With this book, they will not have to experience the pain or pay the price that we did. This is our give back! We share what we have learned and provide powerful tips to help newcomers. Lisa Barrett is a long term educator who worked in the Pennsylvania public school system for close to 30 years. She also held the title as Teacher’s Union President for many years, where she advocated for change in the school system. I’m glad now that she is free, she has picked a new role as a women’s prison reform activist to help create change within the federal prison system. We desperately need her help! So, shout out to my friend Lisa Barrett! Not only did you survive your worst fear, you created a manual to help others do the same. You are what I call a true overcomer! May God richly bless you in all your endeavors. Thank you for shining your bright light upon me. You are truly loved and appreciated! UP NEXT!!!… As you know more and more female celebrities are being sentenced to serve time in Federal prison. Theresa Giudice, reality star of the “Housewives of New Jersey” is up next. Although there has been a lot of press about what she can expect to experience in prison, most of the reports are inaccurate. The reporters have no clue of what goes on behind bars, but Lisa Barrett, author of “How To Navigate Through Federal Prison An Gain An Early Release,” does! Sorry, “Orange Is The New Black” does not give justice to what one can really expect at the Danbury Federal Prison Camp. Author Lisa Barrett tells it like it is! Stay tuned for her new article and get a real inside view of life for women behind bars in Federal prison!