I Surrender – A Prisoner’s Cry

There comes a point in our lives when enough becomes enough! When constant troubles arise, and life is way too rough.

Like a bomb that drops, all hell breaks loose, without a person in sight to give us a boost.

All our poor judgments backfire in our face, and those who we trusted become informants in our case.

Everything we try begins to quickly fail, surrounded by these cinder blocks, in our new home we call jail.

On our bunks we stop and think, “How in the world did we land here?” That’s when our problems come to light, causing pain too great to bear.

Some of us started off as that sweet innocent child.

She had two ponytails, big fat cheeks and an irresistible smile.

One day she was lured by someone she thought she could trust,

Who snatched away her youth as his hands fondled her bust.

The shame never left, the reproach settled in.

Next thing she knows she’s caught up in a lifestyle of sin.

Then there’re those of us who started off fine, who lived in a nice

house, whose parents were kind.

Things were great, she’s headed for success! Then she met her

love, that’s when her life turned into a mess.

Blinded by love, she couldn’t see, had no clue this kind of love

would ruin her destiny.

Then there’s one who struggled from the day of her birth,

With daddy in jail and momma on crack, since she entered this

place called “Earth.”

There were many nights the cupboard was bare, she had no

food to eat.

In a quest to survive she sought love, now she rocks designer

shoes on her feet.

Her love had the money rolling in, but as a drug dealer’s girl,

her new problems begin.

When the troubles came many of us tried to escape, looking for

the solutions to bypass the yellow tape.

She started with weed and it put her at ease.

But one day she discovered the weed would no longer please.

Then she tried coke, then crack, then dope.

When that didn’t work she lost her hope.

Whatever it was we were all sold out!

For a moment no struggles, no worries, no doubts.

Then like a whirlwind, the storms began to come:

The things we did we thought were wise, turned out to be so

In the storm we learned so much, no longer blind to life.

We learned that love wasn’t love at all when it stabbed us like a knife.

Where are all our friends who were around when everything was up?

They’re out seeking a free ride; who’ll be next to fill their cup? Things aren’t what they seem to be. What we thought was an escape, became a tragedy.

We found out in the end we only have our self.

Some of us are left beat down and robbed, HIV done stole our health.

Bad choices and poor decisions led us to this very place. And on top of all that misery, now we got this case.

There’s got to be another way. Things can’t stay like this! Left

inside this lonely place, our families greatly missed. Pushed so hard against the walls, depression has us bound. It is not until we get to this place that true help can be found. Are you tired of running in circles?

Are you tired of the hurt and pain?

Are you finally convinced you must surrender because life will never change?

What about the kids you left behind?

Is it fair to them, that they, too, must do this time?

What about the others who hurt because of our pain? Will you change for them or will you stay the same?

It’s time to make a choice; is enough, enough?

Are you ready to release the shackles and take off the handcuffs? Are you ready for a brand new life? Where you can be a mother, a friend and a wife!

Are you ready to achieve your dreams, without having to watch your back? When life can finally be filled with plenty and we no longer suffer lack!

You can have it, it’s your choice! You can sign the agreement with your voice!

I surrender, I surrender, is all you have to say. That’s when help will come your way.

Are you ready to follow me now, down this road called change? I promise, if you surrender today, your life won’t be the same.

Open your mouth and throw up your hands.

With your voice release the shackles and bands.

There’s nothing left but for us to say, “I give up this old life, I surrender today!”