A testament of God’s grace in mercy concerning my daughter

Just wanted to share a testament of God’s grace in mercy concerning my daughter, Diamond Baker, during my absence:”You will be just like your mother” were the words many family members used as weapons to stunt my growth. I vividly recall having what some may consider “an American dream life,” living in a large home, enjoying luxury cars, fashion, wealth and prestige. However, at the age of 10, suddenly it all faded. My mother was taken from me in handcuffs and began to serve a 151 month sentence for her role in a multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme. This meant I would be living without my mother’s guidance until I turned 22 years old.

Diamond and Her Brother Kywuan.

Suddenly my life restarted on a different page. The riches and prestige were taken away, yet I learned how to survive without everything being handed to me. Many would believe that the results of my obstacle would lead me to utter hopelessness. Yet, against the odds that were stacked against me, I took what I lost and used it as ammunition to create a different story!

Being accepted into the High School Of Fashion Industries was one of my first major accomplishments. As a young girl I always had a passion for fashion and desired to gain experience in this field. During my high school years my dreams finally began to unravel into reality. This accomplishment forced me to mature and break out of my shell. Inspired by observing successful business men and women, from various walks of life, pursue their dreams in the face paced culture of New York City, I decided to take a “shot at the apple” too! I didn’t just want to nourish my artistic talent, so I decided to also develop my academic and leadership skills.


Congratulation to Diamond on Receiving her Diploma with Honors from The High School of Fashion Industry. She is off to A&T College in Greensboro North Carolina.

By my sophomore year, I became active in my community and joined many extra curricular activities sponsored by organizations such as the Big Brother-Big Sister program and The Public Color organization. In the 11th grade, I took on the role of joining Student Government and became the chairperson of Campus Beautification. Through these activities I gained experience in leadership, promoted cleanliness and maintaining good health, and developed positive behavioral and organizational skills.

Maintaining good grades has also been my key focus. I am proud to say I am a straight A student who has persistently remained on the honor roll; and my 95% grade point average has allowed me to become a member of the National Honor Society.

In 2015. I was elected to be the Student Body President of my school. While participating in several extra-curricular activities in my community and in school, and sustaining part-time employment at Barneys New York, one of the biggest luxury department stores in the world, I have maintained this position.

I believe my life is a testament that regardless of the many roadblocks we encounter in life, success is a matter of choice. Therefore, I CHOOSE to be a proud, active leader within my family, community, and soon, the WORLD!