She’s All Caught Up is a cautionary tale for young people enamored by the fast life and the older folks that love them. This memoir tells of the negative influences that swayed the early life of author Jamila T. Davis (creator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series). She is currently serving a 151 month sentence for her role in a multi-million dollar bank fraud scheme.

Young Jamila grew up in a loving, middle class home. Her hardworking parents, the Davises, overcame the barriers of poverty and racism faced by African Americans in the segregated South. From the back wood shacks of the rural south, the Davises migrated north, making Jamaica Queens, New York their new home. They drove themselves relentlessly. By education and endless hard work, they attained their portion of the American dream.

Determined to afford their own children the opportunities they themselves never had, the Davises provided their children with a good life, hoping to guarantee their children’s success.

At first, it seemed as though the formula worked. Jamila became her parents’ ideal “star child.” At a young age she performed in dance recitals at Lincoln Center and toured the country in a leading role in an off- Broadway play. Throughout elementary and middle school she maintained straight A’s and was accepted to the acclaimed “Fame” High School of Performing Arts in New York City.

All was copacetic until high school years, when Jamila meets Craig. He was a 16 year old drug dealer from the Southside projects of Jamaica Queens. His street edge fascinated naive Jamila, and he quickly usurped Mrs. Davis’ position as role model and protector.

Jamila became mesmerized by the hustlers and life in the inner city ghetto. Her values quickly changed. She wanted independence, power and notoriety, and she chose life in the fast lane to claim them. With her brains and beauty, she rises to the top!

As this high school teen rebels, breaking loose from her parents’ tight reins, the Davises wage an “all-out” battle to save their only daughter who they love so desperately. But Jamila is in too deep! Poisoned by materialism and the drama of street life, she resists, and the Davis family is turned upside down!

This real-life story exemplifies the powerful societal influences that affect today’s youth, and the almost insurmountable challenges of the older generation who fight hard to protect them. This heartfelt story empowers both youth and adults to understand the tragic consequences of poor choices while instilling the ability to resist them.

When this good girl goes bad, it seems as if there is no turning back.

Book Trailer: She’s All Caught Up! by Jamila T. Davis

The High Price I Had To Pay is a captivating real-life story that reveals another aspect of the inside fraud perpetrated by Lehman executives that has yet to be told!
Years before the 2008 Financial Crisis, a major epidemic of mortgage fraud surged throughout the country. The FBI geared up to combat the problem, imprisoning thousands who alleged to have victimized Wall Street giants, such as Lehman Brothers. Hidden safely behind the auspices of being a "victim," savvy Ivy League bank executives created additional fraudulent schemes to further their profit. Utilizing their "victimizers" as scapegoats, the bankers' clever plan went undetected. Consequently, the real architects of the massive fraudulent lending schemes escaped unpunished. And the "small fries," who the bankers blamed, were left to do big time!
This illuminating synopsis by author Jamila T. Davis, who is currently serving a 12 ½ Year sentence in federal prison for bank fraud, is shared from a unique standpoint. Davis was labeled by Lehman attorneys as the 25 year old mastermind who devised an elaborate mortgage scheme that defrauded their bank of 22 million dollars. Her shocking story captures the inside tricks of Wall Street elite and takes you up-close and personal into a world driven by greed and power.
Davis' story will leave you amazed and make you think. Have savvy Wall Street executives, such as Richard Fuld, been able to out smart the world? And while these executives escape unpunished, is it fair that "small Fries, "like Davis, are left to do big time?

The High Price I Had To Pay2 is a captivating real-life story about the life of Michelle Miles, a 21 year old, African American woman, who grew up in Marcy Housing Project in Brooklyn, New York. Miles lured in by her boyfriend, Stanley Burrell, tried her hand in the drug game, as a way to escape poverty. Through what she believed to be a promising opportunity, Miles became partners in the notorious "Burrell Organization," which became a thriving enterprise. Overnight, Miles went from "rags-to-riches." In her mind, she was living the life of her dreams.
All was well until the FEDS got wind of the operation. With the help of informants, the Burrell empire swiftly crumbled and the key players were arrested, including Miles. In the end, her role in the drug conspiracy led Miles to receive a thirty year sentence in federal prison.

The High Price I Had To Pay 3 is an enthralling true story about the life of Gwendolyn Hemphill, a 73 year old woman currently serving a 11 year sentence in federal prison.
Rising from humble beginnings and overcoming barriers of racism and poverty, Hemphill climbed to the top of the political ladder landing a respected position in the White House, under the Carter Administration. For decades, she vigorously served as a liaison who provided substantial contributions to her community, making waves in the world of Washington D.C. politics. Despite her accomplishments and her stellar career, one bad decision landed Hemphill a decade plus sentence as a first time, non-violent offender.

The VOC Series

The Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series(VOC Series) is a nondenominational, faith-based book series created to help incarcerated women successfully rehabilitate and heal from past inner wounds. It is the goal of this series to empower women, enabling them to successfully transition back into society, by equipping them with the tools they need to overcome obstacles- including the stigma of being an ex-convict.

This three book series is filled with inspiring testimonies, real-life examples, proven self-help techniques and other useful strategies that readers can utilize easily to identify their areas of weaknesses, and to dethrone negative behavioral patterns that led to incarceration. These textbooks may be used in individual or group settings.

Unique in nature, the VOC Series is written by an inmate, Jamila T. Davis, for other inmates. Her real-life experiences during imprisonment have given her insight into the lifestyles and criminal thinking patterns of convicted female felons. As a result, in the VOC Series inmates aren’t spoken down to; they are addressed face-to-face with the truths of their current situation, in a voice they can understand.

In these texts, Davis guides her readers to accept responsibility for their past adverse behavior, to shed guilt and shame, to forgive themselves and others who have harmed them, to assess their strengths and talents, to dethrone bad character traits, to learn to care for “self,” and to develop good character. These valuable lessons are all captured in this dynamic book series: