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Hope Beyond The Wall!


by Jamila T. Davis
For close to a decade the wall you see me standing in front of separated me from the free-world. I hated this wall! To me, it represented shame and guilt, and it blocked me from all my dreams and aspirations. Every time I stared at this wall, I felt angry and hopeless. I didn’t think I was strong enough to ever overcome. Consequently, I stayed stuck in this state for many years, until I had a revelation that changed my entire existence!
One day, I realized the wall wasn’t as powerful as I thought it was. Although it blocked me from the free-world, I didn’t have to allow it to control my life. I learned my exit out of bondage was through my thoughts. That very day I began to live again. I thought about the dreams I had as a little girl and the things I would do if I had the opportunity. I allowed these thoughts to flood my being until they became one with me. As I changed my thinking, I ultimately changed my life!
Instead of looking at the wall of incarceration as an obstacle, I began to view it as an opportunity to grow. From behind the wall, I used my time to discover many hidden gifts and talents and I accomplished goals I never imagined I could achieve. In the midst of my affliction, I became a best selling author, co-founded a non-profit, assisted in creating several films and obtained multiple college degrees. As I dressed out my prison garments into a business suit in my mind, my dreams became my reality.
I share my story to encourage those who are facing obstacles in life that seen insurmountable. Often the very barriers we attempt to avoid are actually sent into our lives to strengthen us and to propel us to the next level. Therefore, there’s no need to fear them. Instead, we can courageously face them and overcome! Through the power of our perception, we can discover the good in every situation, including life adversities. I did it and so can you! . . . Be encouraged my brother and my sister, there is indeed hope beyond the wall. Yet, it’s up to you to find it!